Private Proxies
(Shared between max 3 users)
5 Proxies
$5.00 USD Monthly

10 Proxies
$10.00 USD Monthly

20 Proxies
$18.00 USD Monthly

30 Proxies
$25.00 USD Monthly

50 Proxies
$40.00 USD Monthly

100 Proxies
$75.00 USD Monthly


Dedicated Private Proxies
5 Dedicated Proxies$10.00 USD Monthly

10 Dedicated Proxies$20.00 USD Monthly

20 Dedicated Proxies$40.00 USD Monthly

30 Dedicated Proxies$50.00 USD Monthly

50 Dedicated Proxies$80.00 USD Monthly

100 Dedicated Proxies$150.00 USD Monthly

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All Our Proxies are based in USA.

Proxies are not allowed for Fraud Activities, Emailing and Torrent.

THREE (3) DAYS  Replacement/Refund Guarantee.
If they don’t work for you within the first 3 days, just contact us and we will replace them and if they still do not work, we will be happy to refund you.

During the 30 days usage, should you have any problem with the proxies, please contact us for a solution.